About NNT 2019

NNT 2019, the 18th International Conference on Nanoimprint and Nanoprint Technologies, the world’s leading symposium on nanoimprint and nanoprint, will take place October 14-16, 2019, at The Boston Seaport Hotel, Boston Massachusetts, USA.

NNT2019 is focused on next generation technologies, products and manufacturing processes and is structured with both the research and commercial communities in mind. The meeting will feature invited and contributed lectures on the latest developments in imprint technology. A series of plenary lectures from leading researchers within and external to the imprint community will focus on new and emerging areas in which imprint technology can expand and have significant commercial and scientific impact, including metamaterials, augmented and virtual reality, energy generation and storage, intelligent nanoscale devices and the life sciences. The conference will also offer a unique nanoimprint ecosystem session and roundtable discussion in which providers of tools, masters, materials and open access research and process development facilities will converge in a single session to provide a comprehensive look at potential commercialization paths for bringing product concepts from the laboratory to manufacturing. NNT 2019 will feature an extensive poster session describing recent science and technology advances as well as vendor exhibits from companies and institutes spanning the NIL ecosystem. An online portal for pre scheduling 1:1 meetings among conference participants, presenters in the ecosystem sessions and/or vendors will be provided to maximize opportunities for relationship building. Additional opportunities for networking and informal socializing will occur on a dinner cruise on the Boston Harbor.

An optional post-conference tour to the $US 25 million Advanced Print and Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at the University of Massachusetts Amherst will be arranged for those wishing to see facilities for implementation of the latest development in continuous imprinting technology and complementary processes for device integration and manufacturing.

NNT2019 Committee

Conference Chair: Jim Watkins, University of Massachusetts, watkins@polysci.umass.edu
Program Chair: L. Jay Guo, University of Michigan, guo@umich.edu

International Steering Committee

  • Stephen Y. Chou, Princeton University, USA
  • Yoshihiko Hirai, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
  • Eung-Sug Lee, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Korea
  • Lars Montelius, INL – International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory in Braga, Portugal
  • Douglas Resnick, Canon Nanotechnologies Inc., USA
  • Helmut Schift, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

International Program Committee

  • L. Jay Guo, University of Michigan
  • Jim Watkins, University of Massachusetts
  • Qiangfei Xia, University of Massachusetts
  • Jeff Morse, University of Massachusetts
  • Helmut Schift, Paul Sherrer Institut
  • Stella Pang, Hong Kong
  • Barbara Stadlober, Joanneum (Austria)
  • M S M Saifullah, ASTAR Singapore
  • Heon Lee, Korea University
  • Nikos Kehagias, ICN Barcelona
  • Jin Choi, Canon


updated October 9, 2019
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Monday, October 14

10:30 – 11:30 Registration
11:30 – 2:20

NIL Ecosystem Session 1

11:30 Welcome and Introduction
11:40 Mastering; more than just litho and etch….
T. Nielsen, B. Bilenberg, and N. Hansson (invited)
12:00 Breaking R2R NIL Mastering Barriers: Speed, Precision & Cost
John Berg / Carpe Diem (invited)
12:20 Large area interference lithography as mastering technique to pattern silicon-based tandem solar cells
Benedikt Bläsi, Volker Kübler, Hubert Hauser
12:40 Process Upscaling – Nanoimprint from small to large areas
Thomas Exlager (invited)
1:00 SCIL technology; from sample to production
Marc A. Verschuuren (invited)
1:20 Wafer Scale Manufacturing Imprintor Using Flexible Mold
Hua Tan (invited)
1:40 Electric-field-driven Jet Deposition Based Micro-and Nano-scale 3D printing and Its Applications
Hongbo Lan (invited)
2:00 UV curing materials for Wafer Level Optics
Patrick Heissler
2:20 Break
2:40 – 5:40

NIL Ecosystem Session 2

2:40 Matching the crosscutting challenges in photopolymers and functional inks for nanoimprint lithography
Arne Schleunitz (invited)
3:00 A Materials-First Approach to Device Fabrication using Imprint Lithography
James J. Watkins
3:20 From lab to fab - Roll to Roll replication of microstructures in to PDMS
Olli-Heikki Huttunen (invited)
3:40 Recent case studies: NIL Industrial Applications in China
Ran Ji
4:00 Excellence in Microlens Imprint Lithography and Wafer-Stacking
Reinhard Voelkel (invited)
4:20 Design for NIL foundry using Wire Grid Polarizer volume production release methodologies on 200mm Full Wafer NIL
Bradley R Williams, Kevin Black, Rumyana N. Petrova (invited)
4:40 Roll-to-Plate nanoimprint lithography for large-area applications: equipment, materials and processes
Sander Kommeren, Pim Veldhuizen, Jan Matthijs ter Meulen, Rob van Erven, Bram Titulaer
5:00 Flexpol Ecosystem: Developing a bacterial repelling and killing film.
Nikos Kehagias
5:20 Nanostructures in seven-league boots - the potential of R2R-UV nanoimprinting
B. Stadlober, D. Nees, A. Haase, M. Smolka, U. Palfinger, L. Kuna, S. Ruttloff, C. Leiner, C. Sommer, M. Sonnleitner, J. Hesse

NIL Ecosystem Roundtable


NIL Ecosystem Roundtable

6:30 Welcome and Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall

Tuesday, October 15

Continental Breakfast
8:00 – 10:10

Session 1 - Optics 1

8:00 NIL for advanced AR displays
Ismo Vartiainen (invited)
8:20 R2R-UV-nanoimprinting as a powerful mean for large-area fabrication of freeform micro-optical elements
Dieter Nees
8:35 Diffractive Augmented Reality (AR) Waveguides Fabricated by NIL: Manufacturing Challenges and Improved Approaches
Arseny Alexeev
8:50 High volume manufacturing of advanced diffractive optical elements by injection molding
T. Nielsen, B. Bilenberg, A. Johansson, V. Miljkovic, N. Hansson and I. Czolkos
9:05 R2R Nanoimprint Process for Multilevel OLED substrate with Transparent Metal Mesh Conductor
W. Dennis Slafer (with Ruth Shinar, Joe Shinar, Rana Biswas)
9:20 High Quality Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) Using Nanoimprint Lithography
Simon Drieschner
9:35 Full Wafer Double Sided Monolithic Lens Fabrication Using UV-Imprint Lithography
Dr.Vijay Ramya Kolli
9:50 Plasmonic Devices Based on Collapsible Nanofingers
Boxiang Song, Pan Hu, Yunxiang Wang, Wei Wu (invited)
10:10 Morning Break in Exhibit Hall
10:30 – 12:15

Session 2 - Optics 2

10:30 Plenary: Federico Capasso
High Performance Flat Optics
11:15 Multi-Level Nanoimprint Lithography for TFT Display Manufacturing
Auke Jisk Kronemeijer, Lukasz Witczak, Tamer Dogan, Joris de Riet, Thijs Bel, Roy Verbeek, Joris Maas , Ilias Katsouras and Gerwin Gelinck
11:30 Transparent colored signage and display enabled by nanoimprinted multi-layer gratings
Zeyang Liu, L. Jay Guo
11:45 Fabrication of pixelated wiregrid polarizers for real-time laser beam profile analysis
Florian Schlachter, Michael Hornung, Stephan Suckow, Max Christian Lemme
12:00 Curved single crystals from solution at room temperature
Harshal Agrawal, Erik Garnett
12:15 – 1:45 Lunch
1:45 – 3:05

Session 3 - Devices 1

1:45 Keynote: Christopher M. Spadaccini
Additive Manufacturing and Architected Materials: New Processes and Materials
2:15 Direct-written and Low-voltage Polymer Field-Effect Transistors Operating at Radio-Frequencies
Mario Caironi (invited)
2:35 Thermal NIL-based graphene patterning for permeable base heterojunction transistors
L.S.D. Antony, C. Strobel, R. Kirchner, C.A. Chavarin, Ch. Wenger, M. Albert, J.W. Bartha
2:50 Three-terminal memristive RF switch
Puming Fang, Sayan Das, Joseph Bardin, Qiangfei Xia
3:05 Afternoon Break in Exhibit Hall
3:30 – 5:05

Session 4 - Devices 2

3:30 UV-sensor based on capillary filled sub- micrometer interdigitated electrode arrays
Helmut Schift
3:45 Toward a Self-Aligned, Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Process for Printed Circuitry
C. Daniel Frisbie (invited)
4:05 Solar Absorber by Nanoimprint Lithography and Sputter Deposition
Tina Mitteramskogler
4:20 Imprint-induced grain growth in perovskite layers
Andre Mayer, Neda Pourdavoud, Tobias Haeger, Ralf Heiderhoff, Miriam Leifels, Johannes Rond, Johannes Staabs, Patrik Görrn, Thomas Riedl, Hella-Christin Scheer
4:35 Direct Imprinting of Microelectrodes for High-Performance Miniature Power Sources
Wenhao Li, Vince Einck, Cheng Li, Yiliang Zhou, Troels Christiansen, Bo B. Iversen and James J. Watkins
4:50 Faithful Replication of Large-Area Nanostructures via Pulsed Direct Current High-Voltage Electrohydrodynamic Phase Instability
Dae Joon Kang (invited)

Dinner Cruise on Boston Harbor

Sponsored by:

Wednesday, October 16

Continental Breakfast
8:00 – 10:30

Session 5 - Process 1

8:00 Approach of fine resist filling technologies for UV-NIL at AIST
Sung-Won Youn, Kenta Suzuki, Hiroshi Hiroshima (invited)
8:20 Impact of molecular size in sub 10nm nanoimprint lithography based on computational study
R. Sakata1, M. Yasuda, K. Tada, Y. Miyashita, M. Shirai, H. Kawata, Y. Hirai
8:35 Topography and Flatness Induced Overlay Distortion Correction using Resist Drop Pattern Compensation in Nanoimprint Lithography Systems
Anshuman Cherala, Se-Hyuk Im, Mario Meissl, Ahmed Hussein, Logan Simpson, Ryan Minter, Ecron Thompson, Jin Choi, Douglas J. Resnick, Mitsuru Hiura, Satoshi Iino
8:50 Optimizing Filling of Anisotropic Templates in UV Nanoimprint Lithography
Yang Ban and Roger T. Bonnecaze (invited)
9:10 Silica Nanoparticles-Containing Replica Resin Molds for Step-and-Repeat UV Nanoimprinting
Shunya Ito, Takahiro Nakamura, and Masaru Nakagawa
9:25 Residual layer etching techniques for NIL in photovoltaics
Hubert Hauser, Ralph Müller, Oliver Höhn, Rita M. S. Freitas, Armin Richter, Benedikt Bläsi
9:40 Multilayer Multimaterial Nanoimprinting combined with Inkjet Printing
M. Muehlberger, A. R. Moharana, H. Außerhuber, S. Kopp, T. Mitteramskogler, D. Fechtig
9:55 Design for nanoimprint lithography: Hot spot modification through total NIL process simulation
Sachiko Kobayashi, Kodera Katsuyoshi, Arisawa Yukiyasu, Hirotaka Tsuda, Ryoichi Inanami, Motofumi Komori, Takuya Kono, Tetsuro Nakasugi and Tatsuhiko Higashiki (invited)
10:30 Morning Break in Exhibit Hall
10:40 – 12:00

Session 6 - Process 2

10:40 Plenary: Professor Stephen Chou
New Innovations in NIL
11:10 Merging Nanoimprint with other Polymer Technologies
Prof. Dr. Per Magnus Kristiansen (invited)
11:30 The Role of Tip-based Measurement in a Hybrid Metrology Framework for Roll-to-Roll Nanofabrication
Michael A Cullinan
11:45 Optical reflectance-based software for automated characterization of nanomaterials: outcomes of the NSF Nanohub’s NanoMFG node
Vu Nguyen, Wan Li, Hannah Gramling, Yunsu Park, Ke Xu and Hayden Taylor
12:00 – 1:00 Lunch
1:00 – 2:30

Session 7 - Bio

1:00 Keynote: M. Shane Bowen
Nanofabrication and Genomics: How Patterning is Enabling a Revolution in Healthcare
1:30 Roll-to-roll Fabrication of Through-hole Isoporous Structures and Applications as Cell-culture and Filtration Membranes
Him Cheng Wong and Hong Yee Low
1:45 Surface Charge Density Dependent DNA Capture through Polymer Planar Nanopores Fabricated by NIL
Junseo Choi, Zheng Jia, and Sunggook Park*
2:00 Nano, Micro, or Combination: Design Rules for Self-cleaning Surfaces
Achille Francone
2:15 High performance DLC-based mold technology with high control over micro and nano features for optics and microfluidics
M. Daniela Angione
2:30 Afternoon Break in Exhibit Hall
3:00 – 4:35

Session 8 - Nanomanufacturing

3:00 Nanocoining – Seamless nanopatterned drum molds for roll-to-roll nanoimprint lithography
Nichole C Miller, Stephen J Furst
3:15 A composite imprint lithography technique for the mass production of large-area microstructures
Guangming Zhang
3:30 Challenges for Scaling UV NIL to Production Speeds using Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing
Xin Chen, Manogna Jamhapuram, Ron Markum, Stephen Qi, D.A. Lucca and J.K. Good
3:45 Manufacturing assessment of sub 100 nm features in Si/SiO2 substrates based on EVG nanoimprint solution for 8 inch substrates
Hubert Teyssèdre
4:00 Size and Shape Control in Nanoimprint Resist Patterning and During Pattern Transfer with Applications in CMOS Memory Scaling
S.V. Sreenivasan (invited)
4:20 A thermomechanical approach to mold filling in roll-to-roll nanoimprinting lithography
Juan P. Gomez-Constante, Prabhakar R. Pagilla and Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal
4:35 Farewell
6:00 Committee Dinner

Thursday, October 17

7:45 - 3:30

Optional Tour of Advanced Print and Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at UMass Amherst

Transportation and Lunch Provided (space is limited to first 50 participants)

7:45 Bus Arrives at Seaport Hotel
8:15 Bus Departs for UMass Amherst
10:15 Bus Arrives UMass Amherst
10:30 Convene Life Science Laboratories Conference Center S330
Coffee Break
10:45 Facilities and Capabilities Overview and Discussion
11:45 Catered Lunch - Networking
Sponsored by:
UMass Institute for Applied Life Sciences
12:30 Facility Tours
1:15 Wrap-up
1:30 Bus Departs for Boston Seaport
3:30 Bus Arrives at Seaport Hotel

Exhibit Hall

Morphotonics MOXTEK SUSS MicroTec SCIL Nanoimprint Solutions Nanonex UMass Institute for Applied Life Sciences - Center for Personalized Health Monitoring

Poster Session


Deadline for abstract submissions: June 21, 2019

NNT 2019 Call for Papers

NNT2019 is focused on Next Generation Technologies, Products and Manufacturing Processes and is structured with both the research and commercial communities in mind. The meeting will feature invited and contributed lectures on the latest developments in imprint technology. There will be a focus on new and emerging areas in which imprint technology can expand and have significant commercial and scientific impact, including metamaterials, augmented and virtual reality, energy generation and storage, intelligent nanoscale devices and the life sciences. The conference will also offer a unique nanoimprint ecosystem session and roundtable discussion in which providers of tools, masters, materials and open access research and process development facilities will converge in a single session.

Abstracts may be submitted through the web site portal. The maximum length is two-pages. The first page should contain text. The second page should contain figures, images, data tables etc. as needed, and references. Please use the template provided. The deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to June 21, 2019.

Topics for submission include emerging technologies and applications including advanced optics, energy storage, electronics and life sciences, new materials sets for imprinting of functional films and devices, hybrid integration of NIL with other technologies for device applications, next generation stamps and mastering technology, recent advances in tool design and capabilities, and emerging commercial applications. We further welcome contributions from technical areas adjacent and complementary to imprint and nanoprint technologies that share common target applications, including nanopatterning, soft lithography, direct write technologies, 3-D printing and additive manufacturing.

If you are interested in presenting in the NIL Ecosystem Session, please check the box on the submission form. Please note that submissions to the Ecosystem Session must contain strong technical content and cannot be primarily an overview of business directions.

(Allowed files: doc docx pdf ppt pptx jpg)

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Exhibitor Shipping Information
Seaport Hotel
One Seaport Lane
Boston, MA 02210
October 14-16, 2019
NNT Exhibitor, attention Peter Moriarty

NNT2019 is focused on connecting leading edge advances in the imprint and nanoprint communities to the broader NIL ecosystem including tech transfer, contract R&D, materials, tools and technology providers, and ultimately commercialization opportunities. The meeting will provide high visibility and ample opportunities for our exhibitors to interact with the industry, academic and national lab communities. The Monday evening reception following the NIL Ecosystem Session as well as breaks each day will take in concert with the exhibition. Our exhibitors will be provided the option of participating in the NIL Ecosystem Roundtable discussion following the sessions as well as the opportunity to submit technical talks for consideration for the Ecosystem and other Technical Session of the meeting. We will provide information about each exhibitor on the NNT website and include web links that our participants can follow to access additional information. NNT2019 will provide a secure online portal for pre scheduling 1:1 meetings among registered conference participants and our exhibitors to maximize opportunities for relationship building.


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Boston Seaport Hotel

One Seaport Lane, Boston, Massachusetts 02210
Email: info@seaportboston.com


The organizing committee of NNT 2019 has secured hotel rooms at the special group rate of $289/night at Boston Seaport Hotel using group code 2409621. The special group rate has been extended to September 20th.

Located in the popular Seaport District adjacent to downtown and all of central Boston, Seaport is perfectly located for business or pleasure. We're just ten minutes from Logan Airport by tunnel or water, we have our own MBTA "T" stop on campus and we're connected to Boston's three major highways. More travel information...

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